Calvin Klein - Escape Eau De Parfum Spray

Calvin Klein - Escape


  • 1991 Calvin Klein(Coty) Benckiser SUA
  • Site oficial:
  • Parfumul a fost creat de Calvin Klein.
  • Note
    • varf - mar, musetel, coriandru, litchi si ylang-ylang
    • mijloc - iasomie, garoafa, piersica, trandafir si lacramioara
    • baza - lemn de santal, vanilie, cuscus si mosc

50ml/1.7oz - 105 RON COMANDA
100ml/3.4oz - 135 RON COMANDA

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Calvin Klein - Escape Calvin Klein - Escape Calvin Klein - Escape

Nume :
tau :
u do have expensive and good taste i slemled most of them and i think the best one of those is the armani code. One i like on women, which is quite old, but i love is Gucci Rush 1.
Postat de Lili in 2012-09-22
Du behf6ver inte gf6ra ne5got ff6r min skull, e4r man lesedn se5 ska man vara lesedn :) Undrade bara varff6r, men jag ff6rste5r se5klart om du inte vill bere4tta.Hoppas att du me5r be4ttre snart!
Postat de Raj in 2012-12-06
No, not to me as long as they are coordinated by color etc. It's all about how you feel. If you ask me, most ploepe might not even recognize the different brands to begin with.
Postat de Fernando in 2015-09-03
Hello,Last weekend I bugoht a typewriter key with Shift written on it because I began my career as a business teacher, teaching students to teach on manual typewriters. I also bugoht a scrabble piece with Audrey Hepburn on it. I have worn both of them on separate days to work this week and many people have commented favourably. Thank you, Linda. PS I am really looking forward to when your website is up and running!!
Postat de Roop in 2015-10-19
-"I don't understand these pelope who comment just for the sake of insulting. If her english bothers you so much to the point that you feel the need to write something mean, I wonder why you are checking this blog?"
Postat de Houssam in 2015-10-19
Teddy nous avait pre9sente9 toute la collection sur son blog et elle a l air super jolie !Celui-ci est organiil ! Mais on ne voit pas trop les reflets bleus, ou alors c est la photo ?Juju a re9cemment publie9
Postat de Jacob in 2015-12-21
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